Guest Night 18th May 2016 –
GUITAR EXTRAVAGANZA – 5 youthful virtuosos

Open Mic contributors:

John Croft My apologies.   I forgot to get my camera out to photograph him.   (Too enraptured by the music!)
The Arrowsmith Brothers
DSC08440 (1)

Guest acts for the eveningGUITAR EXTRAVAGANZA

Avi Pranish
DSC08446 (1) DSC08451 (1)
Shayle Allen
DSC08452 (1) DSC08453 (1)
Kenji Iwamitsu-Holdaway
DSC08459 (1) DSC08460 (1)
Henry Thorrington
DSC08463 (1) DSC08469 (1)
Michael Howell
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